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Efficiency, Accountability, & Compliance.

eProvizion is a software application that interfaces with your HR System to perform as an automated work flow engine - bridging the gap
between HR and IT to manage employee access to Private Health Information.

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A Work Flow Engine for Best Practices.

Bridge the gap between HR and IT

Automates access to and monitoring of PHI

Demonstrate HIPAA compliance

Avoid costly fines

Optimize productivity



A 360-Degree View

Manage the process of granting access to all systems and data within your healthcare facility — and the process of terminating access to un-needed systems as employees'roles change.

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Fear No Security Audit.

Easily address nearly half of the HIPAA Security Audit Protocols that affect you, like:

Streamline user provisioning and de-provisioning

Capture all systems & data access details in a single system

Automate reports for HIPAA compliance

Track Persons of Interest (POIs) who might need temporary access to systems and data

And more...


Affordable, Scalable, Flexible.

eProvizion's customizable platform and competitive pricing options can help lower the cost of effective risk management.