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Efficiency, Accountability, & Compliance.

eProvizion is a software application that interfaces with your HR System to perform as an automated work flow engine - bridging the gap
between HR and IT to manage employee access to Private Health Information.


Introducing a work-flow engine built around best practices.

Who is granted access to PHI, how they use it, and when they must relinquish it requires as much diligence as it does effort - and the proliferation of healthcare facilities, IT systems, and staff compounds exposure - for both patient and provider - and thereby the need for greater security and efficiency. eProvizion bridges the gap between HR and IT, and automates access to Private Health Information (PHI) while helping to ensure HIPAA compliance and avoid costly fines. Plus, it optimizes your institution's productivity. Best of all, eProvizion's customizable platform and competitive pricing options can help lower the cost of effective risk management.

A 360-degree view.

It's not enough to just grant employee access to PHI. You need to manage it with hindsight, foresight, and especially oversight. eProvizion gives you the power to control and protect access seamlessly, safely,and automatically. Throughout your employees' entire tenure, eProvizion enables you to better manage the process of granting access to virtually all systems and data within your healthcare facility. It also manages the process of terminating access to un-needed systems as a staff member's role or departmental assignment changes.

360-Degree View

eProvizion: The last word in efficiency.

Created to easily interface with an organization's HR system and help reduce implementation time and cost, eProvizion was specifically designed to manage multiple systems and data points. Plus it enables the efficient generation of HIPAA compliance reports that show what systems and data employees have access to and when; and who granted the access and when.

eProvizion is competitively priced and can scale to your organizationís needs. Plus itís more efficient than expensive, complex SSO solutions. eProvizion is available as an on-premise or SAAS solution, which is why it is becoming a popular choice among healthcare facilities across the country.