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Efficiency, Accountability, & Compliance.

eProvizion is a software application that interfaces with your HR System to perform as an automated work flow engine - bridging the gap
between HR and IT to manage employee access to Private Health Information.

Feat no security audit.

EfficiencyThe HHS Audit Protocol defines as many as 20 security activities within a healthcare facility or practice that, if not properly addressed, can expose PHI to risk, and the facility to expensive fines. Just a few of the important PHI issues that eProvizion helps you manage are:

  • Streamline User Provisioning & De-Provisioning
  • Capture all systems & data access details in a single system.
  • Automate reports for HIPAA compliance
  • Readily address nearly half of the security requirements in the audit protocol
  • Track Persons of Interest (POIs) who might need temporary access to systems and data
  • And more...

The complete HHS Audit Protocol can be found at www.hhs.gov.