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Efficiency, Accountability, & Compliance.

eProvizion is a software application that interfaces with your HR System to perform as an automated work flow engine - bridging the gap
between HR and IT to manage employee access to Private Health Information.

Intec Solutions was founded in 1997 and has a strong vertical and expertise in the Healthcare IT space. It has been serving the special needs of the medical community for the past 10 years. Intec has helped the medical center in various capacities by aiding and or augmenting the IT staff and working on special projects. Intec is able to bring a higher level of technology to the medical IT staff. It currently is under contract with several regional medical centers to enhance, maintain and or interface legacy software/applications. Intec also helps the private medical practice select and implement EMR, helps improve physician workflow and back office efficiencies all while helping move the private physician closer to meaningful use. Intec is currently positioned well to identify IT needs in the Health Care arena with the ability to provide technology solutions to fill the need.

Satec Healthcare Solutions was formed to commercialize the clearly defined products & services that are created as a result of the consulting efforts within Intec Solutions, Inc.